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Four steps to replica designer handbags heaven

— This guide will help you find your perfect bag for the long haul, not just for a season


Handbags and women, they go together – literally. They are our ultimate arm companions as they rescue the day by carrying all of our essentials (even if it’s five lipsticks, a squashed banana and an iPhone charger). They are practical but all wrapped up in a glamorous package. You might not fit into all your clothes or be able to walk for more than five minutes in your heels, but with the right bag you are sorted.

It’s hard to talk about a woman’s attachment to her replica handbags without delving into gender cliches, but what could be more private than a woman’s personal carryall? Contemplate how well you would have to know somebody before you could unzip theirs and have a nose around.

Before these reliable holdalls earned their spot in the crook of women’s arms, they went through quite a few incarnations. They originated as girdle pouches in medieval times before evolving in the Victorian era into huge pockets concealed beneath ladies’ skirts.


More than a century later, Designer handbags are still private pockets of personal history for women, and the selection process is like searching for your soulmate. There is a lot to deliberate on when trying to find “the one”: it needs to be roomy but not clumsy; pretty but not delicate; classic but not cliche; and plain but not boring. For some women, it might be a gorgeous evening clutch that will fit a lipstick and not much else inside, or it could be a day-to-day satchel crammed with so many things that Mary Poppins would be jealous. Whatever you’re looking for, here is how to ensure your next bag will be more than a one- season wonder.

1. Research

Before investing, assess your current collection of replica bags and what you need your new bag to do. Think about size and how you want to carry it: hand-held, shoulder or across your body. If you are stumped about what kind of bag you would like, do some photo research and home in on your ultimate bag, whether you can afford it or not. Jot down the attributes you like and need to suit your lifestyle and look for similar features in a fake bag that suits your budget.

2. Versatility

Don’t have time or energy to switch up your bag with every single outfit change? Bold, statement bags might be very modern, but sticking to a neutral colour will ensure versatility. Find a colour that isn’t polarising in terms of the rest of your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be beige or black, but it must be a hue that you can style with an array of outfits. Oxblood works really well with black, navy, camel or denim, whereas leopard print – the unsung neutral hero – works with white, brights, and summer or winter palettes.

3. Quality

A “forever bag” should be carried and used, not gather dust on a shelf, so when it comes to quality, you want something hard-wearing and durable. Examine the bag: check how the handles are stitched, that it’s reinforced, what leather it’s made from, that the lining is easy to clean – those factors are key.

Avoid calf hair or suede. Grained leather is less sensitive to wear and tear than smooth calfskin, which looks beautiful but scratches easily. Choose a classic shape that never dates – the tote, the top handle, the satchel or the hobo – and look for special details (but not overembellishment) that makes it really wearable and ensures it will elevate any outfit.

4. Classic versus contemporary

Should you play it safe with a fake bag that’s iconic to a fashion house – such as Lady Dior, 2.55 or Falabella – or should you make like the fash-pack and embrace the new wave? Well-established, high-end brands such as Replica Fendi, Dior and Hermes are worthwhile purchases that will hold their value in case you want to recoup your investment in years to come.

Although the new-guard styles such as Mansur Gavriel and Sophie Hulme might not have the resale value of the classics, their minimal style makes them extremely versatile, with a favourable cost-per-wear value.